Anthony J. Schulzetenberg is a psychology researcher, consultant, and educator focusing on workplace climate, employee well-being, and group relations.  He integrates research from I-O psychology, educational psychology, and social psychology to understand and address the workplace dynamics that are closely related to turnover and performance.  By translating and applying psychological theory to workplace climate issues, Anthony works with organizations to improve the employee experience, create a safe environment where all employees feel welcome, and help retain top talent.

Anthony is currently working with Colihan Consulting for which he helped develop the Minnesota Workplace Wellness Assessment that measures well-being at work and seven essential predictors.  As a PhD student in educational psychology, and with a Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota in the same field, he also continues to research social-psychological interventions related to engagement, equity and diversity, and situational threats to performance that address workplace inclusion and diversity issues.  His drive to promote well-being and wellness stems from his 12 years of experience as a business owner and fitness trainer where he worked with top executives from Fortune 500 companies.  Anthony believes that by improving workplace climate, organizations can begin to break down barriers for marginalized or stigmatized groups while helping companies maximize all employees’ potential.