Denise Graziano

CEO, Graziano Associates, Marketing Communications

Denise is a leading authority in helping leaders to create change, improve trust, and communication to increase revenue, retention and loyalty.



Based out of: Connecticut


An expert in organizational communication and change, Denise Graziano has been a trusted advisor to the C-suite for decades. Denise is a leading authority in helping leaders to create change, improve trust, relationships and communication inside their organization with employees (and externally with clients), to increase revenue, retention and loyalty.

Now more than ever leaders must change the old methods of recruiting, retention and communication that no longer work, in order to attract and retain the talent they need for future growth.

A strategic thinker and leader with over 30 years of business experience, Denise is a national speaker and bestselling author of Talent is a Team Sport. She is CEO of Graziano Associates, a boutique marketing communications firm with a unique ability to help companies attract and retain both employees and customers, and helps leaders to vitalize their workforce, and build brand ambassadorship from within.

Denise helps bridge common communication gaps within organizations:
— between HR managers and leadership – to present their initiatives as a strong business case which connects outcomes to ROI in order to gain leadership and financial support for success.
— between leaders and employees – to build and maintain trust, which increases team performance and improves engagement.

In today’s workplace climate, leaders need to Take ACTion, not cover. Denise explains how this can and should be done to attract and retain high performing, multi-generational talent.
Ask & Assess
Collaborate & Communicate
Transparency & Trust


  • Take ACTion, don’t take cover. How to Build Winning Teams when Everyone is a Flight Risk (Employees and Clients)

  • Talent is a Team Sport - Talent challenges today require a strategic 360 degree approach — what that looks like and actions to take

  • Optimize Talent - Building alignment between business strategy and people strategy with the right blend of technology (science) and solutions (art)

  • Communicating during during M&A or transformation - how to retain talent and preserve the value of the deal.

  • #MeToo Era - The Communication and Cultural Implications

  • Shifting HR from Transactional to Strategic to Help Advance the Company Mission

  • Leadership Communication for today’s complex workplace climate


"If your employees and/or customers are not hearing you, it may be time to listen better."