Eric L. Williamson

President and CEO, Tailored Training Solutions

Eric Williamson is referred to as “the Change maker” for his ability to inspire change and improve morale in today’s business environment.



Based out of: Maryland


Like you, expert training consultant and nationally recognized keynote speaker Eric Williamson has seen the word success defined in numerous ways.  Does it take good grades and education, high IQ scores and standardized tests, climbing up the corporate ladder, playing politics, is it about good timing, is it only meant for a select few? Or is there a different story?

With almost two decades of leadership training, professional speaking, and most importantly, real-life, hands on in-the-trenches leadership experience in both the private and public sectors, his view is inherently different. Eric appreciates, and shares with listeners, that success is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and not about privilege, circumstance, or upbringing.  Success is deliberate, does not discriminate, is not accidental, and cannot be measured based on someone else.  No matter how talented, gifted or experienced, and no matter what role we serve or title we carry, our level of success is not measured based on the work we produce; it is measured based on the relationships we build.

Eric is the president and CEO of Tailored Training Solutions, which helps organizations build stronger customer and workplace relationships.  He is often referred to as the “Connector” for his ability to make his message resonate with groups, or as “the Change maker” for his ability to inspire change and improve morale in today’s ever changing business environment.  His programs bring out the best in people.  He is known for his emphatic, engaging, down to earth style. Eric’s fusion of real-life stories and his conversational techniques connect with his audience at an intimate, intense and individual level.

Eric is the author of the book, How to Work with Jerks:  Getting Stuff Done with People you Can’t Stand.  Whatever you do and wherever you work—jerks are all around you.  And without a clear strategy for working with these difficult people, we inevitably suffer and risk failure on the job and in our careers.  This book offers that strategy by providing a road-map to improve relationships with the people you work with and the clients you serve.

Eric earned his bachelor’s degree from Connecticut College and an MBA from the University of New Haven.  His strong desire to see others improve, survive, and thrive in the workplace is what drives him to help organizations across the world build stronger relationships.



  • Building Emerging Leaders

  • Building Successful Relationships

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • How to Work with Jerks

"It doesn't matter how smart, talented, and gifted you are, no matter what role you serve, or title you carry, success in the workplace isn't based on the work we produce, it's based on the relationships we build"