Guillermo Corea has been involved in digital technology for over 25 years. He’s currently the Managing Director for SHRMLabs, SHRM’s workplace innovation lab and venture capital arm. He is charged with establishing SHRM as a research thought leader and product testbed for technologies impacting the future of work and the workplace.

As head of venture capital at SHRM, Guillermo has extensive experience in the realms of HR/workplace technology and innovation. Additionally, his expertise extends to private equity, and M&A activity within the realm of HR tech startups, drawing from significant investments accomplished through SHRM’s VC arm.

Guillermo is responsible for:

1) Establishing research panels of subject matter experts in HR and other functional areas who can be consulted to evaluate new workplace technologies

2) Conducting research and assessments on behalf of third parties seeking guidance on product viability or insights into the future of work

3) Evaluating technologies for possible investment and/or incubation by SHRM

4) Developing new tools for elevating the practice of HR through technology

5) Defining the future of the workplace through research and other partnerships with technology vendors

Previously, as Director, Digital Media and Business Development at SHRM, he led e-commerce operations and identified non-dues revenue opportunities through a variety of activities, including business and product development, and content and technology partnerships.

Guillermo received his Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Lynchburg and an MBA from Cornell University.