Jonathan is a partner at Duane Morris LLP in its Employment Group. He also is the managing principal of the Duane Morris Institute, which provides business-focused training to HR professionals in-house counsel and other business leaders on myriad employment issues. Jonathan’s practice focuses on maximizing legal compliance, minimizing legal risk and marrying culture with compliance. The core of Jonathan’s practice is helping clients to develop systems to prevent discrimination, harassment and retaliation and to respond to alleged or actual discrimination, harassment and retaliation. Jonathan also works closely with employers on systems and individual matters involving reasonable accommodations associated with disabilities, pregnancy, and religious beliefs, practices and observances. Jonathan also helps companies develop and implement diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives without running afoul of the civil rights laws.

Jonathan has provided training to federal judges and other members of the federal judiciary on various employment issues for more than 25 years. Jonathan has testified before the EEOC in Washington and Congressional Committees on various employment issues. Jonathan was appointed to and an active member of the EEOC’s Task Force on Harassment. At national and local level, Jonathan has spoken at conferences sponsored by EEOC on topics such as antisemitism, sexual and other forms of harassment, and COVID-19.

Jonathan has published more than 450 articles or blogs on third-party platforms, such as SHRM, Bloomberg, Fortune, and Entrepreneur. Jonathan is a regular speaker at HR, business and legal conferences. Jonathan consistently has been one of the highest rated speakers at SHRM’s Annual conference over the last 25 years.

Jonathan has been cited as a national authority on employment issues in articles in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post The New York Times, The Harvard Business Review USAToday, Fortune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Associated Press, Reuters, Business Week, The Los Angeles Times, CNN Online, Money and the Philadelphia Business Journal, among many others.

Jonathan is a frequent speaker on, among other topics, the following:

  • Attorney-Client Privilege for HR and Business Leaders
  • Creating a Respectful Culture: Unacceptable Conduct and Beyond
  • Confronting Antisemitism
  • Critical Performance Management Conversations
  • Diversity Danger Zones and How to Mitigate the Risks
  • Diversity of Thought: A Workplace Oxymoron?
  • Establishing Global Expectations for Acceptable Conduct
  • Harassment Prevention: A Systemic Approach
  • Implicit Bias: A Systemic Approach for Hiring
  • Investigations of Harassment and other Misconduct
  • Leadership Lessons from HBO’s Succession
  • Making Credibility Determinations in Investigations
  • Pay Equity: Gender, Race and Beyond
  • Pay Transparency: Beyond Legal Mandates
  • Performance Appraisals: Fix Them, Don’t Nix Them
  • Religious Discrimination, Freedom and Accommodations
  • Substance Abuse: The Elephant in the Conference Room
  • Weed to Woke: HR in the Trenches
  • What the C Suite Expects from HR
  • What Occurrences Supervisors and Managers Should Report to HR