Julie Ann Sullivan, MBA, CLL

Catalyst of Culture, Learning Never Ends

As a Professional Speaker, Julie Ann is known for her expertise, innovation, humor and engaging her clients when discussing workplace culture and leadership.



Based out of: Pennsylvania


*2019 – 2020 Top Global Employee Engagement & Experience Influencer

Julie Ann has a special way to connect to your audience. She takes the time to learn who they are because she knows success comes from her focus being outward. She is always looking to answer the question of the participants, “What’s in it for me?” Julie Ann can get people on their feet and interacting with complete strangers. Her presentations are known for her ability to engage, identify problems, give practical ideas and solutions and make you laugh. Her passion is derived from her vast research of C-Suite leaders around the globe. What she has to offer are not merely ideas, but strategies that work.

Julie Ann began her career as a tax accountant, but soon utilized her skills to create and teach CPE courses, instruct at Washington and Jefferson College and Robert Morris University, and immerse herself in how companies sustain success. She has worked for companies such as McDonalds, Bayer and Howard Hanna Financial. Julie Ann became a Certified Laughter Leader in 2010 and a trainer for the World Laughter Tour in 2017.

Julie Ann is the founder of Learning Never Ends, whose mission is to change the world to better communicate, collaborate and cooperate, one person at a time. Her diverse background gives her a unique perspective as a business culture expert. She earned a BA in Psychology at Cal State University in Northridge, CA and an MBA in Accounting from National University in San Diego, CA, earning the designation of CPA. She is an international best-selling author. Her last book titled, Blueprint for Employee Engagement, 37 Essential Elements to Influence, Innovate and Inspire, is a roadmap for the complex journey to create a best place to work. Her current book is titled, Catalysts of Culture – How Visionary Leaders Activate the Employee Experience. She enjoys leadership individualized and team coaching and is host to the Mere Mortals Unite and Businesses that Care podcasts.

Julie Ann lives in Pittsburgh with her wonder dog, Joy. Her passions include being outdoors, continuing to learn about human behavior, and dance.


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"Your culture defines your brand, your people and your success. Create one that cares."