Juliet Funt

CEO and Founder, The Juliet Funt Group

Featured in top media outlets such as Forbes, CNBC, Fast Company, and NPR, Juliet Funt is a globally renowned keynote speaker, tough-love advisor to the Fortune 500, founder and CEO of the efficiency training firm, Juliet Funt Group. Juliet is the author of A Minute to Think, nominated for the Next Big Idea Club curated by Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Susan Cain, and Dan Pink. She is an evangelist for freeing the potential of companies by unburdening their talent from busywork, and she has brought her powerful concepts to Spotify, National Geographic, Anthem, Vans, Abbott, Costco, Pepsi, Nike, Wells Fargo, Sephora, Sysco, and ESPN.



Based out of: Georgia


Juliet Funt is a renowned speaker, author of A Minute to Think, and CEO of The Juliet Funt Group, a consulting and training firm that helps high-achieving teams create the conditions for their best work in the modern Age of Overload. As a sought-after keynote presenter and tough-love advisor to the Fortune 500, Juliet inspires individuals and organizations to face the reality of overwhelming workloads and distractions and develop powerful new approaches for how they work.

Juliet is an evangelist for unburdening talent from busy work and helping organizations unlock their full potential. Drawing on her powerful concepts and tools—including the strategic pause–she combines highly customized content with a keen intuition for process improvement, leading to increased effectiveness, creativity, engagement, and productivity.

She is regularly featured in top global media outlets and has earned high ratings in speaking events worldwide. Her book and consulting have been hailed as “compelling” (Cal Newport), “funny” (Patrick Lencioni), “elegant” (David Allen), “relevant” (Angela Ahrendts), and her deep understanding of client’s needs, and her ability to connect with people at all levels make her a sought-after consultant and speaker for industries ranging from consumer goods, financial services, and technology to manufacturing and the military. She combines highly customized content with a keen intuition for process improvement, leading to increased creativity, engagement, and productivity. Her clients include Spotify, National Geographic, Abbott, Pepsi, Nike, and Wells Fargo.

Juliet practices what she preaches in her own life as a busy corporate speaker, consultant, business owner, wife, and mother of three sons. Her authentic and accessible approach and unique blend of charisma, humor, attention-grabbing insights, and straight talk compel individuals and organizations to make lasting changes.


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