Morris Morrison

President and CEO, Morrison Global Brands, Inc., The Morris Morrison Foundation

Morrison uncovers the connection between culture, technology, and the #1 topic dominating the minds of todays leaders--how to achieve & sustain results faster.



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Many organizations have already experienced Morris Morrison’s impactful message live on stage. As a worldclass business consultant, speaker and author, Morris Morrison’s journey took him from the bright lights of New York City, to a hospital parking lot where a doctor’s words changed his life forever, after being orphaned a second time. Because of disruptions early in Morris Morrison’s life, he was fortunate to uncover a unique brand of engagement that has positioned him to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Today, organizational leaders leverage Morris Morrison as a critical resource for building fearless leadership capacity, while remaining focused on critical priorities amid disruption and chaos.

Morris Morrison attained his Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in HR/Labor Relations, before navigating the ranks of several fortune 500 organizations, including BB&T Bank and Pfizer, Inc. With a business background in Human Resources, and Sales & Marketing, Morris Morrison has a rare mix of creative talent and business acumen that fuels his desire to help people grow and to keep teams engaged.

Today, as CEO of Morrison Global Brands, and President of The Morris Morrison Foundation, many organizations such as Microsoft, GE and many others have witnessed Morris Morrison’s energy live on stage and in his latest book, OVERNIGHT SUCCESS: An Inspiring Story About Culture, Results & The American Dream. His unforgettable message sounds like a Hollywood script, as Morris Morrison uncovers the connection between culture, technology, and the #1 topic dominating the mind of organizational leaders today – how to achieve & sustain results… faster. Inspired by his faith, family and building healthier communities, Morris Morrison is known for celebrating his biggest accomplishments off stage – as Lisa’s Husband and Dori’s Dad. Morris has also served as a board member for several organizations including Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The National Speakers Association and many others. Morris is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and he is currently on the West Virginia University Alumni Board of Directors. Morris is also the current Chairman of the YMCA Board of Directors for the Lowes Y in the Greater Charlotte YMCA Association.


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