Nicole M. Bianchi

Founder and Partner, Bravium HD

Award-winning entrepreneur Nicole Bianchi is the ultimate success story. From life on a farm to leadership roles in Fortune 500, Bianchi found true bravery in consistent small moves that led her career soar from college dropout to positions of leadership over 16 years with two powerful Fortune 500 companies. Nicole made the move to start her own business, Bravium HD in 2012, and never looked back.



Based out of: Nebraska


Nicole now serves as a consultant, coach, and speaker and has partnered with brands all over the globe. As an international keynote speaker, author, and award-winning entrepreneur. She is widely regarded as the go-to source for leadership and bravery.

Her passion? Inspiring Bravery.

Her focus? Enabling leaders to stretch into their bravest selves.

Her life’s work is just that: helping others find that courage, that strength to take consistent actions and learn how to have those difficult conversations with ease, to facilitate success. When asked “Why wouldn’t you just start the business you want?” Nicole was stumped for an answer, and that moment was pivotal for the coach and speaker who now works with the world’s top C-Suite executives in ways that have transformed their work.

Off-stage, she loves traveling with her husband and cheering on her three young adult children in life. You can catch her singing off-key karaoke with a full-bodied glass of wine in hand.