Omari Faulkner

Business Development Strategist & Diplomacy Expert; Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University

Omari is a trailblazing Strategist and Speaker who enforces the meaning of each person’s ability to improve their lives, communities, and the world.



Based out of: District Of Columbia


As a kid from the south with dreams of becoming a professional athlete, Omari Faulkner takes his personal growth journey and illustrates the true power of connecting with oneself, others and the unwavering results those connections produce.

Omari is a trailblazing Strategist, Speaker, Business Developer, Sports & Cultural Diplomacy Expert, and Public Affairs Officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves. He provides thought leadership to Fortune 500 companies, universities and nonprofit organizations within the areas of human capital investment, organizational diversity, workforce development, military veteran outreach, and business development. He has built and delivered multibillion-dollar growth strategies along with industry best rankings and recognition within his areas of expertise.

Omari attended Georgetown University, where he was a member of the men’s basketball team. After graduating from Georgetown, he traveled to over 45 countries while serving the U.S. Department of State in multiple capacities as Sports & Cultural Envoy, Financial Management Officer, and Human Resource Officer. His exemplary service in these roles has earned him national recognition and prestigious distinctions around the world, including the State Department Recognition Award, presented by former Secretary of State Colin Powell and the State Department Superior Honor Award. As an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown University teaching master level courses focused on sports leadership and management, he was recently honored with the Georgetown Excellence in Teaching Award. He remains attuned to the landscape of education and is driven to developing and spearheading innovative approaches to learning and fostering the leadership capacity of students, parents, and administrators.

In 2014, he founded O Street International (OSI), a non-profit organization missioned to support cultural and educational diplomacy programs focused on both global and domestic scales. In just a short period of time OSI has delivered both international and domestic programming focused on educational and cultural exchanges, childhood obesity, sports diplomacy and more.

Throughout life he has remained dedicated to civic leadership and education, which he fosters through serving on a variety of advisory boards and foundations including, but not limited to, Virginia Governor’s Advisory Board on Service and Volunteerism, Loudoun County Economic Development Advisory Committee, the Loudoun Education Foundation, etc.

Omari combines his experiences as a student athlete, strategist, global sports envoy and leading advocate for education in his upcoming book Athlete for Life. This platform will provide a framework for athletes to harness and hone the skills learned through sports and apply those life lessons to propel them throughout life’s daily challenges. With an unwavering belief that success and service are synonymous, Omari possesses the gift of connecting his personal journey to audiences both large and small, enforcing the meaning of each person’s ability to improve their very own lives, communities, and the world.