Peggy O’Neill

Keynote Speaker & Author

Peggy inspires and teaches people in business to develop the courage to be bold, brilliant, and risk-taking, so they can and advance their career.



Based out of: California


“Peggy O’Neill is the messenger and the message. She exemplifies walking tall!” so spouts FedEx co-founder, Frank Maguire.

From the soaring height of 3’ 8”, award winning speaker and author Peggy O’Neill has triumphed over a mountain range of challenges. Drawing from her extraordinary life experiences, and coming from the field of psychotherapy, Peggy has developed many superpowers that are effective in helping organizations Empower Women, Embrace Diversity and Elevate Performance.

Peggy inspires, models, and teaches people in business (especially women) to develop the courage and confidence to be bold, brilliant, and risk-taking, so they can step into their power, contribute their creative genius, and advance their career.

Peggy also assists people in organizations to develop their Social Intelligence so they can “get along” and “work better together.” She waves her diversity and inclusion wand helping us all develop ease in: finding common ground, communicating with kindness, resolving conflict, and authentically connecting with others.

In a day long training, Peggy also offers corporate cultures an efficient way to increase brainpower and, thus, elevate performance, from the neuroplasticity research of New York Times bestseller, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

In the past 13 years, she has presented to high profile companies such as FEMA, Chase Bank, Diversity Works, Texaco, EPA, and many others. She has inspired over 100,000 students in anti-bullying practices and has authored five books.

With the combination of her powerful presence, compelling content, good humor and colorful stories of personal trials and triumphs, Peggy’s message is captivating, empowering and unforgettable!