It was a heinous act seen around the world that spurred people from Minnesota to Germany to South Africa to stand up for the right of Black people to survive encounters with police. The victim’s name, George Floyd, has become a rallying cry for justice in the streets, in our homes and in our workplaces. As workplaces struggle to provide the empathy and equity necessary to combat bias, discrimination and racism, employers, people managers and executives are looking for solutions.

Rodney and Philonise Floyd tell powerful stories about seeking justice for their brother and will share their experiences—as Black men—striving for a diverse, inclusive and equitable future in their communities and their workplaces. Through listening to them speak, you will gain a deeper understanding of the continued impact of race issues on economic and social mobility; take away a renewed sense of urgency on how you, as an HR practitioner, can be better workplace leaders; and find out how you can do your part in building a better profession.