Sylvie di Giusto

Keynote Speaker, Personal Branding Expert and Author

Gusto is a recognized member of the speaking community, having presented to every strata of management—from experienced CEOs to young executives.



Based out of: Florida


“You’ve 7 seconds. Make them count!” says keynote speaker and corporate trainer Sylvie di Giusto, CSP, who helps individuals and organizations explore how people make up their minds very quickly about them, their leadership potential, or their company and either open the door or slam it shut. She has nearly twenty years of corporate experience in educating and inspiring thousands of clients worldwide. Throughout her career, she has held senior positions, mainly in human resources, at international organizations ranging from 10 to 100,000 employees. Today, she is a recognized member of the international speaking community, having presented to every strata of management—from experienced CEOs to young executives—within a variety of industries.

Sylvie is fascinated by the power of image and the way people can use their professional presence to positively influence their career and their business. Over the years, she has learned that it is better to craft the way others may perceive you rather than sit back and hope that their perception will be positive. Her ability to empower people to influence the success of their own careers, and her lifelong dream of being an American, have led her to New York City, where she uses her extensive expertise to work for companies, professionals, and politicians who place great importance on the impressions they make. Sylvie speaks to audiences around the world about the importance of “first impressions…and everything beyond” and takes them on an entertaining journey that reveals how the world sees them. She invites employers, employees, and business owners to “get real.” She asks the necessary questions that enable attendees to think about professional image as much more than just fashion, clothing, and appearance. Sylvie is one of less than 12 percent of speakers worldwide who have received the Certified Speaking Professional designation by the National Speakers Association. She is the author of the Image of Leadership, the co-owner of the Studio for Image Professionals, and the creator of “How You Impress.”

When she is not working, Sylvie is volunteering with the National Speakers Association. When she is not volunteering, she is spending time with her family and exploring the extraordinary United States—this amazing place she is lucky to call home.


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